How to get rid of gnats Outside and STOP from Coming back!

Robert James
Pest Control Technician

Gnats are a nuisance pest that can be found in and around your house. When relaxing in the garden or porch, they annoy by hovering around you. Some of these gnat types can bite too.

So, today, we shall focus on how to drive away gnats that live outside of your house.

But, why?

Why do you need to get rid of gnats outside?

You know gnats are annoying. But, did you know they can be disease vectors?

Biting gnats pose a health risk to humans and other animals. These gnats could transmit pathogens via their bites. River blindness, Oroya fever, Sand fly fever are a few of the diseases to name which can be caused due to gnat bites.

So, how you drive away gnats from your surroundings?

Two ways to drive gnats away

Broadly, there are two ways in which you can get rid of gnats present outside your house: Natural and Commercial.

Natural methods focus more on organic solutions to tackle gnats while Commercial methods are about the chemical products specifically made for getting rid of gnats.

Natural methods

The natural methods consist of DIY, home-made solutions that can help with gnat problems.

Gnats love organic matter - it provides them feeding and breeding ground. See if you have trash lying around outside. These can be a source for gnats. So, first, get rid of any organic matter that’s present outside: inside your boundary, garden, porch or other places. Cutting out the source will make driving away gnats easier as they no longer have a food source.

All that said, not every organic matter is preferable for gnats. Thus, you can use some of those unpreferable ones to repel them away from your surroundings.

Apple cider vinegar, dish soap, neem oil are to name a few. You can also use wine for the same purpose.

For more information, check out this article on Home-made Gnat Traps.

Commercial methods

Maybe, your gnat problem is not momentary. Instead, it has become a full-time hindrance. If that’s the case, you should adopt the commercial methods.

Natural methods are user-friendly but might not be effective for gnat infestations. Commercial methods are very good at this task of eliminating gnats as they are specifically made for the purpose. These are highly effective in tackling gnat infestations.

These chemical products are usually available as liquids in various sizes of spray bottles.

Check out this article on Gnat Spray Killers to know more.

Gnats do not have to be a problem anymore...

With the tips from this article, we hope you can safely drive away gnats present outside your house to have a healthy and secure surrounding.

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