Get rid of Gnats in house without harming your Pet or Child

Robert James
Pest Control Technician

get rid of gnatsGnats, the pests that look very much like tiny mosquitoes. You sure must have spotted them in and around your house occasionally.

Since you are here now, we guess the occasional sightings have grown into total annoyance.

So, how to get rid of gnats in your house?

Here’s some info on how you can drive gnats out of your house for little to no money.

Two ways to drive gnats out

There are numerous methods through which you can get rid of gnats in your house. For simplicity, we have categorized the methods into two groups: Natural and Commercial.

The ‘natural’ group consists of all the homemade remedies to your gnat problem. The ‘commercial’ group lists out all the available products in the market as a solution to your gnat problem.

The Natural way to control gnat problem

outdoor gnat trap

Having gnats in your house means there are elements that are attracting them indoors. Or you might have brought them inside without knowing. Gnats, apart from some types, usually rely on organic matter for their dietary needs and reproduction. In the kitchen, you usually find them around fruits, especially over-ripe ones.

So the first step to gnat riddance would be to remove things that attract them. We are not saying, you should throw away all of your fruits and vegetables, but put the spoilt and over-ripe ones in the trash. Also, ensure you have your trash can/bin covered to restrict any access inside.

That done, you should then place the gnat traps around areas in your house where you usually find the highest gnat traffic. Dish soap, hydrogen peroxide, apple cider vinegar, and even wine can be used as a gnat trap and help reduce their numbers.

Check the detailed Home Remedy to get rid of Gnats article to know more.

The product method for getting rid of gnat

best gnat killers

Although natural gnat traps and repellents help you save some money, there are not always effective. The traps might not work sometimes which is where commercial solutions will help you the most.

Commercially prepared chemical solutions are available as gnat killers to get rid of any gnats in house. These products are very effective and more likely to help you get rid of gnat infestations. These commercial products might not be suitable for using indoors, especially if you have children and pets around.

Besides, you have also got gnat repellents in the form of machines which are safer to some extent than the chemical prepared counterparts.

All that said, commercial products promise results to a higher degree than natural solutions.

Thus, if interested in commercial products, check the following articles:

Gnats are a pain...

and hopefully, with the information from this article and the provided links, you will be able to get rid of the unwanted guests (gnats) in your house.

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