How to use Hydrogen peroxide to kill fungus gnat

Hydrogen-Peroxide as fungus gnat treatment

Hydrogen-Peroxide as fungus gnat treatmentFungus gnats are a big threat to your indoor garden. They are the reason for your peace lilies withering and dying. Besides, being a carbon dioxide lover they hover around your nose, thus annoying us in the process.

Hydrogen peroxide is an effective solution to combat a fungus gnat problem. So, let’s see how exactly you can use hydrogen peroxide to kill fungus gnats.

The hydrogen peroxide solution


Things you need:

To prepare the solution, mix one-part hydrogen peroxide to three-parts water i.e. 25% hydrogen peroxide to 75% water.


Use this solution to water plants as you normally would. However, ensure the soil is dry before beginning to water plants with the hydrogen peroxide solution.

Note: The soil will start fizzing after application and this is normal.

Repeat watering your plants with this solution until there is no more gnat problem.

How it works

The hydrogen peroxide solution kills fungus gnat larvae on contact. Later, the solution breaks down into simple oxygen and water molecules.

Thus, hydrogen peroxide is very good at stopping the growth of fungus gnats.

For adult gnats, use a solution of two tablespoons of vinegar and few drops of dish soap as a trap.

Note: You can increase the vinegar content in the solution if the problem persists.

Some other similar solutions

Neem Oil

You can also use neem oil to kill and prevent gnats in your surroundings.

For this, mix neem oil with water as per manufacturer recommendation. Use this solution to water plants. The neem oil is very effective at killing fungus gnat larvae. Besides, a layer of neem oil solution will also prevent adult gnats from breeding on the soil.

Essential Oils

Essential oils of peppermint, rosemary, cedarwood, eucalyptus are known for their gnat repelling properties. Thus, you can use a mixture of these essential oils (2-3 will suffice) with some distilled water and few drops of vinegar as an effective gnat repellent.

Fungus gnats won’t be a problem…

If you follow the steps mentioned above to use hydrogen peroxide as a remedy. We hope you can use this information to keep your peace lilies safe.

You may also check another post for a list of some other home gnat remedies.

Were you able to drive the gnats away with hydrogen peroxide? Or, did you use another remedy?

Let us know in the comments.

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