Gnat treatment using wine - Here's How to do it right way

Robert James
Pest Control Technician

Wine helps you relax. But, did you know it could help you drive gnats away from your house?

This article is just about that - how to get rid of gnats with wine.

Red Wine as a gnat remedy


Wine can be used as an effective gnat trap. Since gnats are attracted to the smell of wine, you can use it against them as a trap. You can use the leftover red wine for this. No need to crack open a new bottle.

Take a bowl or jar and fill it halfway with red wine. Add two to three drops of dish soap and gently mix the solution.

get rid of gnat using wine


Keep this bowl or jar of red wine solution in areas where you see gnats most of the time.

How it works

Red wine attracts the gnats due to its smell. When gnats come to feed on the solution, they get stuck and drown -  the dish soap helps with this aspect.

Let wine help you...

Get rid of those annoying gnats in your home. We hope this information helps you solve your gnat problem.

Don’t want to waste your precious wine? Check this Gnat Home Remedy article.

Let us how the wine solution worked for you in the comments.

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