Gnat trap with wine: getting rid of outdoor gnats

Robert James
Pest Control Technician

getting rid of gnat outsideApart from vinegar, fruits, and sugar, gnats are also attracted to wine.

So, let’s tell you how you can leverage this to create a gnat trap with wine to get rid of gnat annoyance.

Red wine as a gnat trap

Wine is a product made from fermented grapes. So, no wonder, gnats are attracted to it.

Preparing the wine trap

You don’t have to use fresh wine for this. Instead, get some old, leftover wine.

Find a bowl or jar and fill it halfway with the red wine. Then, add two to three drops of dish soap to it. Stir the solution to mix them properly.

Where to place

Keep the jar or bowl outdoors where you find most gnats. Replace the mixture if you still have gnats moving around.

How wine acts as an effective trap

As said earlier, gnats are attracted to the smell of wine. Being attracted, they come to feed on wine, but get stuck and drown due to the dish soap. Dish soap is essential for the trap to be effective as it is the thing that helps trap the gnats. Without it, gnats would feed on wine and pose a bigger problem for you.

So, don’t throw the old wine away…

Use it as a trap to get rid of gnats outdoors in your porch or garden.

We hope you benefit from this information and can drive the annoying pests away.

How did it work for you? Let us know in the comments.

If you want to know about other possible gnat traps, check out our Homemade Gnat Trap article. Also, You may consider gnat spray for faster results.

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