Where Do Squirrels Live?

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Squirrels are small furry gray bushy-tailed frisky creatures. They’re members of the Sciuridae family and there are a variety of species, which is a determinant of where they live as well as the region. Species of squirrels and their habitation. Squirrels tend to choose areas which best suits their behavior patterns and their needs i.e. food, shelter and protection are readily available. Different climatic conditions also affect places where squirrels live. There are over 200 species of squirrels and each species lives in a different place or region. They’re found worldwide except in Australia and Antarctica.

where do squirrels live

Where Do Squirrels Live

There are the tree squirrels whose habitat is in tree trunks found in dense wooded areas. They construct dens either on the branches or within the hollow trunks of the trees. They tend to favor oak-hickory forests compared to coniferous forests. Tree squirrels can take over an abandoned nest or construct one of their own using leaves, sticks, vines, with the underlying structure lined up with soft materials such as grass or moss.

where do tree squirrels live


There are also ground squirrels which bore burrows (tunnel like)  into the ground making and that’s where they spend most of their lives. Ground squirrels dens vary depending with the species of the squirrel. Others tend to make two or more ground openings where they can escape from if attacked by predators. How squirrels protect themselves against predators.

ground squirrels peeking from their burrowed hole

As for flying squirrels, their home is in tree holes or nests made of thistle, feathers and blades of dried grass which are lined with moss. They prefer branches and trunks of towering trees in deciduous or mixed tree forests. They especially have a liking towards maple and oak trees as habitats.

flying squirrels

As much as squirrels are found in forest oriented environments, it is not hard to see several of them near your places of residence. In urban areas, squirrels inhabit attics and roofs of houses, schools or other places where they don’t feel endangered. They tend to be a nuisance in such situations and therefore need to be driven away from attics in residential areas. How to get rid of squirrels in attics and squirrels as urban wildlife.

Whether daytime or night time, the squirrels live in the same cavities, dens found near the trunk of trees or nests they’ve built.

Where Do Squirrels Nest In Harsh Weather 

Squirrels prefer temperate atmospheres therefore during winter seasons most squirrels hibernate. They confide themselves underground as their hideout from the cold. However, not all squirrels hibernate especially the tree squirrels but they do keep off just in case the cold weather is not withstanding. The tree squirrels still live in their nests as they have been modified to keep them warm even during harsh weather conditions but spend most of the time sleeping. Ground squirrels are the ones which mostly go into hibernation until the season is over.

Just like all created creatures do have places where they live in globally, so do squirrels have habitats where they spend their lives with their offspring's. The kind of habitation is different depending with the squirrel species as well as the climatic conditions and in accordance to their needs that favor their existence.

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