Does Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Has Side Effects?

Robert James
Pest Control Technician

ultrasonic pest repellent reviewsThey might be considered the ultimate magic solution to all our pest-control nightmares, but which are the real side effects these repellents have? Read on to find out.


This is a consequence as well as a side effect of using the ultrasonic devices inside the house for some time. Bugs and rodents get used to the frequency and stop being annoyed by the high-pitched sound they produce, it becomes a familiar buzz and they can go on with their lives as if nothing would happen. This side effect is something that attenuates an already doubtful efficiency, for a full in-depth article on efficiency, please check ours here - Do Ultrasonic Pest Repellers Work. There are some solutions to this issue:

  • Variable frequency devices: There are some ultrasonic pest-control devices that are designed to vary the frequency they produce all the time to avoid habituation of the targeted pest. To check our top 5 of the best ultrasonic pest control devices including those with variable frequencies, click here -Ultrasonic Pest Reject Reviews.
  • Combined methods: This is another highly recommended technique and it involves combining the methods we can use to fight against the pests in our home. As an example, if we do have mice or rats, we can have them fled and place traps far from the devices, so as they run, they will come across the traps and get caught in them. This is a tactic that can be used several times a year in certain periods of time, not leaving them on all the time.
  • Application by intervals: This is a very effective technique and it involves applying the ultrasonic device for short periods of time instead of leaving them on for weeks or months. This alternate on-off approach makes the bugs and rodents confused, so they will never get used to it.

Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Side Effects on Human Beings

Human beings do not hear any sound above 20,000Hz, therefore the ultrasonic principle applied to these devices will not interfere with humans. Nevertheless, this is one of the main causes of concern for customers buying the devices, especially pregnant women. For a full in-depth take on this subject, you can check our approach here - Are Ultrasonic Pest Repellers Safe. There have been studies performed in several instances to check accuracy and effectiveness but also to check the potential hazards these repellers have on humans and other non-rodent pets who share our home with us. There is no evidence to this day that indicates that there´s a specific danger to which we are exposing by using these devices, but some customers have reported headaches and listening to a little high-pitched buzz in their heads all day when the device is on, which can lead to two different answers:

  • There´s a percentage of the population that can hear the high-pitched sound of the ultrasonic pest-repellers.
  • Some ultrasonic pest repellers don´t have a steady frequency and do not respect the 20,000Hz or more rule of the ultrasonic world.

Whichever of these answers is true, there are no real proof that these devices represent any kind of harm to humans or non-rodent pets.


The importance of taking care of our families is crucial nowadays, so pest-control is a must. Not having any evidence to support the idea that this technology is harmful for humans and pets, trying it is something we should all do. The only real harm we are potentially facing is to our wallet if the choice of brand and product proves to be incorrect.

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