Best Termite Treatment : Commercial Product and Methods Listed

Robert James
Pest Control Technician

Termites look like white ant and act like a cockroach. However, they are classified at the taxonomic rank of infraorder Isoptera. They basically feed on wood. To fight against a few termites you can use DIY methods, and apply home remedies.

But with the numbers of termites getting larger in domestic area, you need to think again about your strategies. In order to win the war against Termites, here are some best termite treatment methods and commercial products that can help you, get rid of them.

Best Termite Treatment Methods and Products

1. Advance Termite Bait System:

This is newest kind of technologies to control the termite colonies in a way less invasive and more effective. Unlike the first generation of bait system, it has the effectiveness of serviceability, ease of termite controlling speed and most importantly, cost efficiency that meets the budget of a homeowner. Advance Termite Bait System is generally used as pre-treatment.

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2. Ultrasonic Pest Control by Grin Life:

This is an electronic instrument and probably the easiest method to get rid of termites. Ultrasonic Pest repeller has the ability to transmit two kinds of bandwidths of signal. The first band is effective on 2000 square feet of area and the second band is even powerful that can protect your family from larger animals such as rats and spider.

If you want to secure your family from poisonous chemicals and termite traps, then this is an ideal product for you. The pricing of the product is slightly high; however, it is totally safe for kids and pets.

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3. Spectracide Terminate Termite Detection & Killing Stakes 2:

This is bait system that can lead the charge of finding and killing termite. There are plenty of advantages of the product like automatic digging tool for faster installation which takes less than a minute, easy finding locator shields, killing foraging termites, pop up termite indicators etc.


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4. Termidor SC:

This is an excellent product for removing terminates from your household even the product can also prevent any future infestations. Termidor SC has the ability to eliminate the entire colony of termites in less than 90 days. The product can be used in both indoor and outdoor areas by simply spraying.


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5. Termite Killer Aerosol Spray by Terror:

This is a very effective product that can kill termite on contact. The product comes with a slim nozzle that allows you to the chemical into crevices and cracks. The advantages of the product are, it has no odor, and it can be used in both indoor and outdoor areas. However, it has the disadvantage. The product is only effective for 4 weeks.


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6. Taurus SC:

A 20 ounce of Taurus SC bottle consists of 9.1 percent of Fipronil and rest are the water. The concentrated Fipronil has the ability to detect and kill termites. All you need to is to spray the solution on the affected area.  If you failed to find Taurus SC at your nearest grocery shop try online stores.


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So these are common and effective six commercial products and methods that can help you to win the civil war against termite. Hope it will help to get rid of them.

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