Rodent Sheriff Reviews - Should You Really Buy It?

Robert James
Pest Control Technician


Rodent Sheriff is supposed to be the law and order in the world of mice, but is this really so? Read on to find out!

What is Rodent Sheriff?

Rodent Sheriff is a peppermint spray that is used to keep all kinds of rodents, raccoons and bugs away from our homes. It can be used inside as well as outside and it´s advertised as the ultimate solution for pest-control. As any magical solution to a big problem, we are a little skeptical about it, so we decided to go and look for some reviews on its performance and we found out some interesting facts:

  • Peppermint Spray can be made at home: This is an absolute truth, you can just see it for yourself googling something like: “DIY peppermint spray”, there will be hundreds of videos teaching you how to do it at home and for under $2. So, bottom line you´ll be paying $10 for something you can do for five times less money.
  • Tested where and for what: All bottles are stamped with a legend saying: “tested in an independent laboratory”. We assume that tests in an independent laboratory go well and product is safe and very powerful, but which is the laboratory that tested it and what did they test it for? No data is provided in the website or the packaging, so it becomes irrelevant information.
  • The safety of our home pets: Well, this is by no means a minor issue, but a very delicate one. If it´s true that rodent sheriff will keep away from home all the unwanted furry animals (raccoons included), will it keep away our four-legged best friends? Well, it´s not specified either in the package or the website, but according to most reviews it can have some undesirable effect on cats that are severely affected by it. So, if it proves to work, it will work on our pets too.
  • Some of the reviews kill it: If you go on line to check about customer´s opinions, you´ll find out that most of them are actually very, very bad. For example, some websites have sayings like:


  • “This Rodent Sherriff is just a rip off and it doesn´t work”
  • “If I could give it a zero, I would!”
  • “it is one of the worse purchases I have ever made”


The overall rating of the product was of 1.7 stars out of 5 after the comments of 13 customers.

Alternatives to Rodent Sheriff

Are there other products with a higher rating that have proved to be successful in the infinite quest of ending plagues at home? Well, let´s take a look at some of the options available in the market:

  • Ultrasonic pest-repellers: These products have been under the magnifying glass for quite some time with mixed results. Some academic studies have been performed to try its effectivity, so for a full take on it, you can check here - Do Ultrasonic Pest Repeller work? The thing with these products is that they are very easy to use and also very safe, because you won´t be employing any kind of poisonous liquids or traps inside your home that can turn into a hazard for your children and yourself. For a top 5 on which are the ones really working, you can check ours here.
  • Traditional methods: There are some alternatives involving ancient techniques like for example:
    • Traps: If your specific problem are mice, then what is still working perfectly are the good old traps with a little food to catch and kill them.
    • Hygiene: This is an absolute must to fight all kinds of pests at home. Not leaving food or groceries open or loose will reduce drastically the hazard of having pests at home.


Trying the peppermint spray at home is virtually inexpensive, Rodent Sherriff or home-made product, but what has proven to be more effective than any method by itself is the combination of them, so don´t be afraid, try them all together and say goodbye to plagues for good.

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