Pest Control Statistics

Robert James
Pest Control Technician

North America is the world’s biggest pest control market. Insect bites and stings in the US cause over 80 deaths every year. Some pests transmit dangerous diseases.

If not for existing pest control measures, over 50% of crops would be damaged due to these menaces.

At least 25% of American homeowners would have encountered structural damage due to pests.


Bed Bugs

It has been found that bed bugs are one of the most common pests in the US. One out of every five Americans has either encountered an infestation or know someone who has.

They are found in every state of the US, more abundantly in urban areas than rural areas.

Bed bugs are more commonly found during the summer due to the increased travel frequency of most Americans.

Even though it is widely believed, bed bugs do not transmit any diseases.

Bed Bugs are found in both sanitary and unsanitary conditions. They are generally transmitted when people use second-hand furniture or visit a hotel.

Over 80% of US hotels and motels reported the presence of bed bugs at one point of time.



Termites cause damage in more than 500,000 homes and buildings every year.

These creatures are found in 49 states- Alaska being too cold for their survival.

They cause over $30 Billion in damage across various fields and out of that amount, $5 Billion is spent on repairs.

They are active all year long but have a lower tendency to look for new homes during the colder months.

A single termite queen can live for over 20 years and lay as many as 30,000 eggs in a single day.

There are over 2000 termite species in the US itself.

They eat up to 3 times their body weight and 24 hours a day.



They are considered the number one nuisance in the US.

The carpenter ant are usually the most destructive species of ants. These ants are generally found in the north-eastern region of the country. Like termites, they attack wood, generally damp or mouldy wood.

The key to ensuring damage is minimal is to detect the presence of the ants as soon as possible and get rid of them.

A common sign of their presence is sawdust falling through the cracks they create.

Studies show that the presence of ants is based on the seasonal climatic conditions and the continuous usage of pesticides is useless.

More than half of America's homeowners deal with an ant infestation every year.

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