Average Pest Control Prices in The US

Robert James
Pest Control Technician

pest control pricesThere is no one answer to this question. In fact, the answer depends on numerous factors. Here are some questions that will serve as general guidelines to give you an idea on what to expect:

Pest Control Prices: What type of pest are you dealing with?

Pest control prices largely depend on the type of pest to be exterminated. It is normal for the price of removing cockroaches to differ from the price of treating a termite problem since the solutions needed to resolve each issue are different.

Here is a list of different pests along with the pest control prices associated with them:

  • Spiders: $200
  • Rats: $325
  • Mice: $200
  • Ticks and Fleas: $150 - $350
  • Dust Mites: $200 - $500 for initial treatment
  • Cockroaches: $300 for initial treatment
  • Carpet Beetles: $250 for initial treatment
  • Bees: $200 – 500 for treatment
  • Bed Bugs: $500 - $1500
  • Bats: $50 - $500 (doesn’t include removal of droppings or any excretion left behind)
  • Termites: $1200 for initial treatment (doesn’t include cost of physical labor and repairs)
  • Carpenter Ants: $500 - $1000 for initial treatment
  • Non-carpenter Ants: $250
  • Snakes: $100 - $600
  • Squirrels: $300 - $1500
  • Moles: $50 - $500

What kind of Pest Control treatment is needed?

The type of treatment needed to treat a pest problem affects the overall cost of the service. For example, preventive measures are much less costly than corrective or reactive treatments. There are also numerous treatments for a single type of pest. Termite extermination can be done through the following methods:

  • Chemicals: $1350 - $2500
  • Bait: $1500
  • Fumigation: $200 - $2500
  • Heat: $1200 - $2500
  • Electricity/Microwaves: $1150

The prices listed are typical for a house of about 1,250-sq. feet.

How many treatments are required?

Some pest, such as squirrels and raccoons, can be gotten rid of in just a visit or two. Other pests, such as ants and fleas, tend to require regular maintenance.

The average cost of pest control service ranges from $108 to $276, depending on the issue. One time treatments are typically priced within $300 and $500. Initial visits, where assessment of the situation is usually done, costs about $185. Periodic visits are done to ensure that the property is maintained. Monthly visits cost about $45 while quarterly visits can cost from $100 to $300. These prices are only applicable for a typical 1,500-sq. foot house. Additional square footage will increase the price of the treatment.

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How big is your property?

Another factor that largely affects the cost of the extermination is the size of your property. The bigger the size of your property is, the bigger the bargain. Larger properties require more time to successfully treat a pest infestation. Companies typically charge an additional of $25 per 1,000 sq. feet if your property is bigger than 1,500 sq. feet.

What type of company are you hiring?

The type of company also affects how much budget you should prepare. A relatively small business will charge you $100 - $300 for a one time visit while larger commercial companies will charge at least $500 per visit. Some companies require annual contracts which typically cost anywhere from $300 - $500 per annum.

How bad is it?

Lastly, you need to consider the severity of the situation. A small flea problem is much easier and faster to treat than a large flea infestation. A bigger infestation will equate to a bigger cost. The larger the infestation grows, the more damage it will cause to your home and the more expensive it will be to hire an exterminator.

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