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6 Best Gnat Killers that Proved to be working

Gnats come into your house from outside. Moreover, you cannot have fun or relax outside if your surrounding is a breeding ground for gnats. Thus, you should always keep your outdoors free from gnats to avoid frustration or risk of getting diseases. In this article, we have covered the six best gnat killers suitable for

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Gnat trap with vinegar: treating outdoor gnats

Gnats are an annoyance, and we know it. We also know you are looking for a solution to this gnat issue. So, let’s talk about a potential solution to your gnat problem – vinegar. Gnats are attracted to the smell of vinegar – it is something that can be used against them. This article shall

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Gnat trap with wine: getting rid of outdoor gnats

Apart from vinegar, fruits, and sugar, gnats are also attracted to wine. So, let’s tell you how you can leverage this to create a gnat trap with wine to get rid of gnat annoyance. Red wine as a gnat trap Wine is a product made from fermented grapes. So, no wonder, gnats are attracted to

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Outdoor Gnat Traps; Four ways to make it

Gnats are not always found in your kitchen or living room. Some gnats live outside, in your garden. Thus, it can be infuriating when you try to relax on the porch while being surrounded by a cloud of gnats. In this article, we shall be discussing four things (or things) which you can use to

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How to use Hydrogen peroxide to kill fungus gnat

Fungus gnats are a big threat to your indoor garden. They are the reason for your peace lilies withering and dying. Besides, being a carbon dioxide lover they hover around your nose, thus annoying us in the process. Hydrogen peroxide is an effective solution to combat a fungus gnat problem. So, let’s see how exactly

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How to get rid of gnats Outside and STOP from Coming back!

Gnats are a nuisance pest that can be found in and around your house. When relaxing in the garden or porch, they annoy by hovering around you. Some of these gnat types can bite too. So, today, we shall focus on how to drive away gnats that live outside of your house. But, why? Why

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Get rid of Gnats in house without harming your Pet or Child

Gnats, the pests that look very much like tiny mosquitoes. You sure must have spotted them in and around your house occasionally. Since you are here now, we guess the occasional sightings have grown into total annoyance. So, how to get rid of gnats in your house? Here’s some info on how you can drive

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Sand fly bites: here’s what you should do and shouldn’t

Gnats, no-see-ums, flies, punky – you refer to them by different names in different parts of the world. Majorly, gnats have always been the disturbing type of insects; causing distractions while working or resting. But did you know that gnats bite? Female sand flies are a part of the gnat types that are known to

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3 Best Gnat Repellent Spray that work like a charm!

It is about time that you got rid of those unwanted guests in your house – gnats. The products listed here kill and repel gnats entering your home. So, let’s get you acquainted with the potential solutions. The best gnat repellent sprays The following gnat repellents are some of the best available in the market

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Buffalo gnat bites : Home Treatment and when to PANIC!

How many times have you waved gnats away? Gnats are mostly known as annoyance pests. However, they do pose some health risks to both humans and other living beings. Gnat bites can transmit diseases. Thus, you have to be careful of gnat bites. Buffalo gnats are one among the many biting gnat types. This informative

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