Silverfish Life cycle

Silverfish is an ancient insect that classifies under Lepismatidae family and Lepisma genus. They have the body shaped like a carrot and appearance like fish. Mostly they get covered in silver grey colour that leads their name to “Silverfish”. This writing has been designed to make you aware of the life cycle of Lepisma Saccharina. …

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life cycle of flies

Life Cycle of A Fly

Flies are both international home and farm pests. They are so common and are majorly found in closely to humans as well as activities performed by humans. Regularly found horse stables, poultry farms and ranches places where people carry out their regular duties. Flies do not only transmit diseases, but they are a nuisance. Apart …

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The life cycle of ladybugs

Ladybug Life Cycle

Ladybugs are known by various names such as ladybug beetles, lady beetles, and ladybirds beetle. Several people like ladybugs because of their spotted and colorful look although most farmers are fond of them for their appetite. They are a very useful group and are natural enemies of several insects, most especially aphids and other sap …

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