How to Keep Squirrels Away from Your Garden (The Friendly Way!)

Robert James
Pest Control Technician

Squirrels are super cute, right? But when they start treating your garden like their personal buffet, it's not so cute anymore.

So, let's figure out how to keep those little guys from munching on your veggies without being mean to them.

squirrel eating nut

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What You'll Learn Today

I'm going to tell you all about how to spot when squirrels are turning your garden into a playground, and I'll share some super cool (and nice) ways to ask them to snack somewhere else.

But first, let's find out how to tell if squirrels are the ones partying in your garden.

Spotting Squirrels in Your Garden

Look for These Clues

  • Bite Marks: If your tomatoes look like someone took little bites out of them, it might be a squirrel!
  • Little Dug-up Patches: Squirrels love to bury their snacks like nuts and then dig them up later.
  • Plants That Look Sad: If your flowers are missing their heads or your bulbs are gone, a squirrel might be the artist. In fact, if you've noticed a squirrel eating plant bulbs, you're not alone, and there are specific tips to handle that.

sign of squirrel in garden

(credit: Flickr : Creator: trudy and dave )

Squirrel Damage vs. Other Critters

Now, you might wonder, "Is it really a squirrel or some other creature?" Squirrel damage is messy and big. Little bugs and other critters make tiny, neat holes.

So, if it looks like a tiny tornado went through your garden, it's probably squirrels. Speaking of squirrels, let's get to know them a bit better.

Getting to Know Squirrels

What Squirrels Do

Squirrels are busy during the day, and they love gardens that have lots of food and soft stuff they can use to make their beds.

When Squirrels Like to Visit

In the fall, squirrels are like little shoppers stocking up for winter. That's when they visit gardens the most.

Now that we know when they like to visit, let's talk about how to keep your garden safe.

How to Keep Your Garden Safe

No More Snacks for Squirrels

Clean up your garden so squirrels don't find snacks lying around. This is like making sure there's no candy on the floor so ants don't come marching in.

Plants Squirrels Don't Like

Some plants are like yucky veggies to kids.

Squirrels don't like garlic or flowers like daffodils. Planting these can be like putting up a "No Trespassing" sign for squirrels.

But what if they still come sniffing around?

Natural Ways to Say "Please Stay Away"

Smells Squirrels Don't Like

Squirrels don't like the smell of peppermint or things that smell like a bigger animal that might chase them. It's like when you smell something icky and don't want to eat it.

Giving Squirrels Their Own Snacks

If you give squirrels their own spot to eat away from your garden, they might leave your plants alone. It's like having a separate play area so they don't mess up your toys.But sometimes, squirrels need a spicier message to stay away.

Spicy Stuff to Keep Squirrels Away

Hot, Hot, Hot!

Squirrels don't like spicy things. It's like when you eat a pepper and your mouth feels like it's on fire! So, if we sprinkle some spicy stuff around, they'll probably say "No thanks!" and leave.

And if you're wondering how to keep squirrels out of the potted plants, there are some fiery tips for that too!

To Feed or Not to Feed?

Giving squirrels food can keep them away from your garden, but it might also invite more squirrels to the party.

It's a tricky choice, like deciding whether to share your cookies with friends who might bring even more friends. Now, let's build some forts for your plants!

Building a Fort Around Your Plants

Super Shields for Your Plants

You can make little cages with wire to protect your plants, like a mini fort. It's like building a castle around your favorite toys so your little brother can't get them.

Nets and Mesh

You can cover your plants with a net so squirrels can't get to them. Imagine putting a blanket over your snacks so no one can see them. But what about some high-tech help?

Cool Gadgets to Help Out

Gadgets That Make Squirrels Go "Whoa!"

Things that move, make noise, or light up can make squirrels run away because they get surprised. It's like turning on the lights and watching the roaches scatter.

Be Nice to the Squirrels

We want to scare the squirrels a little, but we don't want to hurt them. It's all about being as nice as possible while saying, "Please don't eat my garden." But remember, we have to play fair.

Being Fair to Squirrels

Catching and Moving Squirrels

Catching squirrels and taking them to a new place can make them sad and scared. It's not always allowed, so we have to be careful. It's like being moved to a new school without your best friend.

And if you're looking for the best squirrel trap, make sure it's one that's kind to our furry friends.

Being Kind to All Animals

Study Shows that Moving squirrels can be tough for them. They might not find food or might miss their squirrel friends.

We have to think about how they feel, too. Now, let's talk about some special tips for those extra-loved plants.

Special Tips for Special Cases

Bird Feeders

We can use special squirrel proof bird feeders that squirrels can't get into so they don't eat all the birdseed. It's like having a secret code on your phone so your friends can't see your messages.

Certain Plants

For plants that squirrels really love, like pumpkins, we can use special tricks to keep them safe. It's like putting your favorite candy at the top shelf where no one can reach it. But what if you're not the only one with a garden?

Sharing Is Caring

When You Share Your Garden

If you share a garden with other people, you can all work together to keep the squirrels away. It's like all your friends helping you clean up your room so it gets done super fast.

Talking to Your Neighbors

If you and your neighbors work together, you can keep more squirrels away and make more friends! It's like having a neighborhood watch, but for squirrels. And finally, let's wrap this up!

Wrapping It Up

So, we've talked about a bunch of ways to keep your garden safe from squirrels without being mean. Remember, we're all friends here, even the squirrels. Let's keep learning and being kind to all our animal buddies!

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