How to Make a Rat Cage

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Rodent infestation in the house is the most undesirable thing. Unless you own a cat who would chase down the rat, you are likely to consider various ways through which you can keep these rats out of your house. A rat cage is a most humane and commonly used method for rat removal. Making your own rat cage allows you to gently and safely relocate the rats.

How to Make a Rat Cage!

There are many kinds of rat cage in Amazon. But if you want you to make it yourself then you can follow the steps in below:

1. Create the Frame

A rat cage needs to be large enough to safely contain the rat, keeping the rat away from the spring-loaded door as it closes. The aim of most rat cages is to catch one at a time. While developing the frame, ensure that the size both fits a rat and the narrow locations where they are frequently found.

Use a 10-gauge metal bar to form the frame using a welder to bond them in a rectangular shape. For more stability, add more bars across the side and top. Ensure leaving optimum space for the spring door assembly. Use a heavy wire to lash all the pieces together, in case you a welder is not available. Pay heed to the fact that rats can chew through metal, hence connect the frame bars securely.

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2.Add Mesh Walls

Use a heavy wire or welder for the attachment or chicken wire or metal mesh all across the frame. The purpose of this is to design breathable walls. Ensure leaving less than an inch space, as rats can easily sneak out of an inch hole. Cover the bottom and both sides of the frame, while keeping the front of the frame open. Keep the top open till you have tested the door, allowing space for release pin and trigger.

3. Fix the Door

Join the door together using cage door springs for loading mechanism. Mount the trigger and holding the pin to crossbars towards the top of the cage. It should also include a hanging wire that holds the bait so that the trigger is release when the rat removes the bait. Ensure that the door is sturdy enough to endure the pressure of a few pounds without opening. Rats can easily sneak out of doors that are weak. Once you have placed the door, use a wire mesh to cover the top.

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4. Setting up the cage

 For the bait, you can place a small piece of apple or bread soiled in peanut butter. You can also place a small amount of water inside the cage to prevent accidental death of the rat caused by dehydration or suffocation. Place the cage at the location where you have frequently seen the rat, preferably towards the door.

Here is a video for the entire process :

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