How to get rid of German roaches

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The German cockroach is a widely distributed urban pest. It is also the most common cockroach species in houses, apartments, restaurants, hotels, and other institutions. German cockroaches are one of the smallest species that do not get attracted by the light and cannot fly. They are about 0.43 to 0.63 inch long. Their scientific name is BlattellaGermanica. They belong from the family of Blattellidae, Blattodeaorder, and Insecta class.

Look more homemade DIY remedies remedies for getting rid of German roaches.

DIY Remedies For Getting Rid of German Roaches

  1.       Ammonia Solution:  Take a bucket full of water. Mix a cup of Ammonia into it. Apply the solution in the pipes of your toilets and sinks to flush out the German cockroaches. This is the most effective homemade remedies that you can use against Germen roaches.get-rid-of-german-roaches
  2.       Bay Leaves: Bay leaves are very common ingredients in the kitchen. However, they are very much capable of killing German cockroaches. Take a bundle of bay leaves and put it in your sink holes and pipes and every single corner where you suspect a German cockroach. This method also can be used to protect your valuable documents and clothes from German roaches.get-rid-of-german-roaches
  3.       Lemon:  Another eatable product, lemon is very useful to keep away German roaches from your household. Use lemon juice with water that you use to mop your kitchen and other room's floor. The natural anti-pathogenic properties of lemon will prevent any insects including German roaches to enter into your home.get-rid-of-german-roaches
  4.       Moth Balls: Moth Balls are the specialist in keeping German roaches away from you home. They are an effective killer for any insects. Place moth balls where ever you suspect roaches. You can also put them around your clothes and books. However, moth balls are not safe for human. It is highly suggested to keep your children away from Moth Balls.get-rid-of-german-roaches
  5.       Listerine:  You may have been using this product to wash your mouth. Do you know, you can also use this product to wash away German roaches from you home? Just make a Listerine solution with water and spray the mixture in your kitchen and bathroom to get a German roach free life.get-rid-of-german-roaches

Getting Rid of German Roaches With Commercial Product:

  1.       Gentrol Point Source:  Gentrol Point Source is a very useful commercial product for making your home free of German roaches. This device is capable to kill any kind of roaches from a distance. They do not need to come in contact of roaches for killing them. All you need to dois, just hang the device in a particular place where you suspect German roaches most and witness the difference. The product lasts for three months, and it costs $19.45 only.get-rid-of-german-roaches
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  2.       Advion Syngenta Cockroach Gel Bait:  This product needs only one line to introduce itself. Advion Cockroach is the number 1, the bestseller in Home & Kitchen category. Not only that but this product also holding the rank 1 in Patio, Lawn & Garden > Gardening > Pest Control category. One box of Advion Syngenta Cockroach Gel comes with four tubes. The whole box consists 8 ounces, and they are valid up to 2 years. The product cost only $27.27.
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So here are the best remedies for getting rid of German roaches. Hope it was helpful to you. Applying home remedies for killing German roaches at first is good, but once you feel that you need something more, to get rid of them, it is better to go with the commercial products.

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