How Long Does A Fly Live

Flies exist in several species in all parts of the universe including North America, and their life cycle can range from days to years depending on the conditions and several species. Though, one thing they share in common is that they all undergo the four stages during transformation. Life Cycle […]

How to Get Rid of Drain Flies

These small and tiny flies can make you very uncomfortable more so when they fly around the kitchen. They are not only called drain flies but are described by various names such as sewer, moth or filter flies. With around 1/8 Inc, usually black although sometimes can have a brown […]

How to Make A Fruit Fly Trap at Home

Fruit flies can surely cause you too much pain and stress in your kitchen, however with an excellent trap; you will be startled on how fast they will disappear. What you should do is to toss something that is rotting, it will work, and you will be surprised. Try this […]

Life Cycle of A Fly

Flies are both international home and farm pests. They are so common and are majorly found in closely to humans as well as activities performed by humans. Regularly found horse stables, poultry farms and ranches places where people carry out their regular duties. Flies do not only transmit diseases, but […]

The Ultimate Guide To Control Flies

A sight of hovering flies, flying from one corner of the house to another or around your food stuff, is not pleasant at all. They can be irritating and to extremity, bring a lot of health issues to you and your loved ones. It is therefore necessary to get rid […]

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

If you enquire about everybody’s experience with flies, they would obviously give you a frustrating story. In the current society, cleanliness is determined by how much one can keep away flies from his/her kitchen. As long as you have a moist and dump sink, garbage or disposal drains, you will […]