Oriental Cockroach: Identification and How to control

Robert James
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The origin of the oriental cockroach, Blatta orientalis Linnaeus, is uncertain, but it is thought to be from Africa or south Russia. It is a major household pest in parts. They are nothing but a larger species of cockroach. However, it is crucial to identify them by their outer look.

How to determine an Oriental Cockroach

Oriental cockroaches can be determined by their physical appearance, behavior, and habits. The adult male oriental cockroach is around 18 to 29 mm long, whereas female adults are 20 to 27 mm long. Their body is very glossy, and their body color varies from dark brown to black. Male cockroaches are known for little flying as they have a pair of long wings that allow them to fly about two to three meter. Female oriental cockroaches have wings, but they are not capable of flying.
Oriental cockroaches are outdoor species and capable of living their life in nature. They can be found in your garden, beneath trees and big stones. However, they will not miss any opportunity to enter into your house. In metropolitan cities across the world, they can be found around storm pipes, drains, and garbage cans.

How to control Oriental Cockroach

  •         Borax and Sugar: Borax can dehydrate an oriental roaches’ exoskeleton as well as damage their digestive system. This whole function leads their life to death. Sugar can invite them with its attractive taste. Create a mixture of 75 percent borax and 25 percent of sugar. Put the mixture at night where you suspect oriental roaches most. The very next morning you will find dead oriental roaches around your floor.
  •         Coffee Grounds and Water Jar: The aroma of coffee naturally attracts oriental cockroaches. Take a jar full of water and put enough coffee grounds into it. The smell of caffeine will attract the oriental roaches and make them enter inside the pot, from where they would not be able to move out. Place this jar at night where you see most of the cockroaches in the day time. In the morning flush out the water.
  •         Neem (Indian Lilac): Neem is a very effective non-synthetic way to kill any insect. It contains very inflammatory components that show great results on oriental cockroaches also. Make a paste or oil by Neem leaves. Mix it with water. Spray the mixture on most affected places. See the changes from the next morning.
  •         Advion Cockroach Gel Bait: This is a commercial product that contains 0.6 percent of indoxacarb. Indoxacarb is the main ingredient that can kill any cockroaches in your home areas. From German to American or Oriental, this product will help you to get rid of any cockroaches in just $11.19. Just apply the gel in those areas where you see oriental roaches most. This gel also can be used for protecting any particular areas, just make a line around the object.
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So these are the identification and controlling method for oriental roaches. Once you get able to spot them successfully, it will be very easy to execute them.

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