How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

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If you enquire about everybody’s experience with flies, they would obviously give you a frustrating story. In the current society, cleanliness is determined by how much one can keep away flies from his/her kitchen. As long as you have a moist and dump sink, garbage or disposal drains, you will always have flies. Most of these flies get attracted to fruits especially those are fermenting or rotting. Therefore, you need to think twice about the best methods that will help you get rid of these flies.

In order to help save the situation and avoid rapid multiplication of the flies in your kitchen, you try the following measures:

  • Try to do away with all the sources of attraction
  • All fruits and vegetables should be kept in the refrigerator
  • Always clean your recycle bins after use or emptying them
  • Always check the sides of garbage can to ensure there are no traces of food particles

It is also good to note that even with all sources of attraction removed, the flies can still breed in external places like drains. Therefore, the most recommended measure is to spray a pyrethrum-based aerosol insecticide. However, the insecticide will not kill the larvae or eggs lurking in the kitchen. You can purchase this spray from Amazon; 

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Try to lay Traps

Traps help to eliminate the adult flies continuously as they emerge. Some of the commercial traps are available in the hardware stores. For example, you can buy a disposable fruit fly trap at around $15.50. You can bait this trap with a non-toxic lure, which can catch nearly 2000 flies. The bait therefore will serve you for nearly a month.

As well, you can come up with a homemade trap to avoid spending. In making the homemade trap, you can use the following procedure:

  • You can use a con-shaped funnel with a measured piece of paper.
  • Seal the paper with tape and stick it into a clean jar or wine bottle.
  • Use a teaspoon of vinegar to bait the jar.
  • Place the traps on counters where the flies often fly.

You will notice that the flies will go in easily but will not be able to fly out. You should purpose to kill all the flies trapped with a spray before you repaid.

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The Best Traps for Getting of Fruit Flies

Having looked at the preventive measures and possible options of getting of flies, it turns out that laying traps can work best to help finish fruit flies. Therefore, some of the best and recommended traps are:

The Best Traps for Getting of Fruit Flies

  • Gnat Trap

It would be advisable if you purchased the Gnat trap especially the Gnat Stix for getting rid of fruit flies. This is because it has been primarily designed for tackling fungus gnats. When you use it, it will help you get rid of the flies by trapping them immediately they emerge from the soil. This helps you not to rely on pesticides. This would work better for you and help you to save some time in trying to chase flies away.

You can as well try manufactured Gnat Trap that have proven to be valid to many people. Click the image below to purchase the Gnat Trap:

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  • Vinegar Trap

This requires applying some art and craft in order to make. Some of the materials you need to make a vinegar trap are sugar, dish soap, container and apple cider vinegar. You can mix two tablespoons of vinegar together with a spoon of sugar, drops of soap and a liter of water. After that, you need to mix it well and place the container around the area where most of the flies settle. The cedar vinegar always attracts the insects.

Once they are attracted, they touch the liquid mixture and because of soap, they die. Therefore, you can set up several containers round the house to get idea of the major area the flies settle. Try this even if the procedures might seem complicated. What comes out clearly is the fact that the result is promising and encouraging.

With all the steps clearly stated and explained, and with all the traps recommended, you should no longer have a problem with flies. From wherever you are reading this article, you need to wake smiling and go try the basics in getting of fruit flies. Remember, the presence of flies in your house can be humiliating.

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How To Get Rid Fruit Flies Naturally
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