How to Get Rid of Drain Flies

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These small and tiny flies can make you very uncomfortable more so when they fly around the kitchen. They are not only called drain flies but are described by various names such as sewer, moth or filter flies. With around 1/8 Inc, usually black although sometimes can have a brown appearance.

What make them different from other flies are the distinctive patterns of wings within their wings, and when crushed, they leave a dusty mark. You can usually find them around drains. When you notice their presence, do not just presume it has come from the pipes but inspect all potential sources which include grease, small puddles, rotting organic materials and many others to aid you to recognize the exact fly.

Life Cycle of Drain Fly

Life Cycle of drain fly


They mainly lay their eggs in decaying organic matter that is found in pipes and drains. They hatch in within 32 and 48 hours with their eggs having either cream or brown colors. Concerning the larvae, it feeds on the viscous drain matter and reaches the adulthood age in between 9 to 14 days.

Subsequently, the drain fly larvae are acknowledged to continue to exist in low oxygen and high-temperature conditions as well having a life cycle of 1-3 weeks. Besides the above, drain flies may as well be considered to be advantageous since their larvae can break down the materials which block drains however in a small number.

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Identification of Drain Flies

It's very easy for you to tell if what you have is drain flies, as in, you will spot them resting on ceilings and walls next to the sinks. You may as well cover the drain with sticky tape, and while the flies attempt to get out of the drain, they will glue to the tape. If you can just leave the tape for like one night or even all over the weekend to account for 48 hours life cycle variations. When you see flies stuck to the tape, indeed those are drain flies in those pipes.

Getting rid of these drain flies is not difficult since there are various methods available, both natural and commercial products. However, you ought to understand the diverse breeding sources so that you will be able to know and control the infestations. Conversely, drain flies breed in sewers, drains, septic tanks as well as in soil that is infected with sewage.

Top 6 Natural Methods to Get Rid of Drain Flies

The following methods are some of the few methods on how you can eliminate drain flies from your pipes with no use of harsh chemicals such as drain cleaners or bleach and also pesticides.

  1. Use a natural product known as bio-clean which environmentally friendly and nontoxic drain is cleaner. It consumes all organic matter that has blocked your drain. Immediately the drain is clean; the flies will begin to vanish.
  2. You can also start boiling a pot of water and empty it down the drain once sort wises per day and try this like for one week.
  3. Use a metal pipe brush and push it throughout the pipe back and forward as far as it will authorize followed by a large amount of boiled water.
  4. Set up a bowl of an equal quantity of water, sugar and white vinegar together with 5 to 10 drops of liquid dish soap on top of the counter next to the sink all over the night. All the flies will be attracted and get trapped into the liquid, and all will drown.
  5. Mix 1/2 cup of baking soda, together with half cup of salt and one cup of vinegar and pour it down into the drain and let it be for the whole night, and pour a pot of hot water in the morning.
  6.  Use apple cider vinegar, pour a quarter of it into a glass and cover firmly with a plastic cover. Poke holes in the plastic wrap together with a fork and place the glass close to the sink. Cider vinegar will attract the Flies as they walk their way inside the glass and will all drown.

As all the drain flies vanish, maintain the drain sinks tidy every week by pouring a half cup of baking powder down the drains together with hot water followed by one cup of white vinegar. After half an hour, flush with clean water to add an odor, squeeze a fresh lemon in the drain for smell control. If you think you require fast action method that will kill them most especially the adult ones, then try the following methods.

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Product Based Methods

  1. Chemical spray

Chemical sprays are useful and efficient in eradicating adult drain flies. However, they are toxic and thus cannot be used in case the manifested area is the kitchen and cannot be employed in the presence of children.

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  1. Fly swatters

Since their resting area is mostly the walls, therefore, it's very much easier to kill them by using a mechanical fly swatter .however, after they are dead, ensure to clean the bloody mess using a damp cloth.

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  1. Liquid dish soap spray

It contains borax which has insecticidal properties, mix two cups of warm water with 5 to 7 drops of dish soap. Make sure to shake it well and spray on the drain; they will all die.

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Even if these flies are not biting and harmful insects, their presence is unpleasant and can indeed make people uncomfortable. Therefore, if you get rid of the drain fly eggs and larvae by cleaning the drain, sometimes the adults do not die, so you can opt to use sprays and swatters.

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