The Ultimate Guide To Control Cockroaches


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  1. I half to move in five days … I live in an apartment complex and rented one of their detached garages to keep some of my items that I did not have room for in my apartment . I had seen a few “tree roaches” in my garage over the past year but after the hurricane and all the moisture I went to my garage yesterday and there was an unbelievable infestation of these suckers … i’m telling you literally there has got to be hundreds and hundreds of them in there … I have to kill them today and tomorrow because I need to get into my garage ASAP to start re-boxing for my move in 4 days… As you can see, I’m in a desperate crises and need immediate help and suggestions . I cannot call a professional exterminator due to the timeframe I’m in.. I need a solution to killing these immediately ….!!!! Please if anyone can help me I would be forever grateful to you …!!!

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