Do Ultrasonic Pest Repellers Work? Things You Didn't Know

Robert James
Pest Control Technician

ultrasonic pest repellent works or notAre they a magic solution brought to us by science that will eliminate all threats of pest in a week effortlessly or is it just the scam of the century? Read on to find out!

Studies on efficiency of ultrasonic pest reject

The Kansas State University has done a very extensive test to find out if the devices named above are actually effective on eliminating insects or are they not. This study took place fifteen years ago in 2002 and showed mixed results since they were more effective on some of them and less effective on others. For example, the ones they studied were very effective on crickets, but acted very poorly with cockroaches, ants and spiders. Specifically speaking about ultrasonic devices, the results of this test have shown that once the insects, bugs and rodents realize that the noise itself is harmless and get used to it, they just ignore its existence, carrying on with their lives (inside our house, of course). Another finding of this test is the relationship between objects inside the house and signal strength, meaning that the furniture, walls and any other obstacle in the way will obstruct the signal making it weaker as it goes. This opens up the window to think about the difference of effectiveness given in a test environment and in the real world, where it can perform incredibly well but prove to be useless in other situations. For some top-performers in this matter, you can check our top 5 of truly effective devices right here.

The Federal Trade Commission's Warning!

It was year 2001 and it was the FTC that sent a warning to many manufacturers of ultrasonic pest repeller devices (over sixty!) to inform them that the efficacy shown in the packaging of the product was unsupported by scientific testing, in other terms; they lacked real evidence to support the numbers they were selling. Many of the warned companies changed the numbers on the packaging or even removed them from it, others just presented the evidence and a single one of them was sued by the FTC two years later for continuously violating this norm imposed by the Commission. For a full list of products not-to-be-bought in this category, please visit our bottom five of products to avoid here in ultrasonic pest repeller reviews.


While there have been some testimonies to back up the use of electronic pest control devices, there is a discussion that´s still open about effectiveness vs comfort. These devices are very convenient and if they work properly, they could be a huge solution to pest control because no poisonous chemicals or dangerous traps or even tiring rituals have to be performed in order to keep your house pest free, but if spending the amount of money they cost will get us straight back to where we started, it´s a no-brainer to conclude that back to the old ways is the path to go. The thing is that the proven, effective ways still have flaws like handling poisonous chemicals, or repeating an action three times a week or even setting traps that can eventually hurt our children.

This is where comfort comes in and electronic devices offer a hassle-free solution with no potential risks, but its effectiveness is not a closed discussion, it is still open and under study. So, which is the correct way to go? Maybe both! Just use electronic pest control devices in some areas of your home where children can reach and there aren´t so many obstacles and preserve the good old ways for those dusty attics and under-the-sink spots no one can reach and be harmed, until the effectivity of ultrasonic is finally proved.

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