Do Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Work on Mice?

Robert James
Pest Control Technician

Mice can spread diseases and be a real nightmare to eradicate from most homes, but are ultrasonic pest repellers a magic solution for them? Read on to find out!


Whether the ultrasonic pest repellers are effective or not is an issue that has been up for debate since they entered the market in the late 80s. We reviewed the Kansas State University test in our article about overall effectiveness, you can check it out here - Do Ultrasonic Pest Repellers Work? The specific effectivity on mice is perhaps the main target for the manufacturers of ultrasonic pest control and according to lab tests rodents suffer ultrasonic waves in such a way they will keep away from it as long as they can. There are two main issues with it:

  • Getting used to it: This is the case with rodents and the ultrasonic devices, they are only effective in the beginning. Once mice get used to the sound wave, they no longer seem to be bothered by it. Just like humans, has it ever happened to you that an annoying noise that is constant became so natural that you no longer hear it until it stops and you realize how annoying it was? Well, rodents´ ears and brain work the same way as ours. There are some manufacturers who dealt with this by adding variation to their products in such a way that the waves are constantly different. For a full review of the top 5 products to buy, you can check here - Ultrasonic Pest Reject Reviews.
  • Blocking: Another main issue with the ultrasonic pest repellers is that they can´t go through objects, like furniture or home appliances and lose their effectivity. If ultrasound is directed straight to mice, they can´t stand it, but many times for that to happen, we would have to place a device in every room and point it to an open space where there are no blocking objects, which is very difficult.

Although there are mixed results in all the tests that have been performed over the years, there are some products of very prestigious brands with great results that you can check here - Ultrasonic repellant Reviews.


As much as they are doubtfully effective they sure are the safest of all the pest-repelling products available in the market today by far. For a full take on safety, you can check our article : Are Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Safe?

Thinking about the poisonous remedies and the traps set on remote locations with the classic little-piece-of-cheese on them and the hazards they might represent to our children, ultrasonic devices become way more attractive. It is important to bear in mind also that they can be placed everywhere and don´t need anything else than just a socket on the wall to work properly, presenting a magic solution with almost no side effects, the only thing that can happen is that we might drive our rodent pets a little crazy.

Specific Target

This is another great feature of electronic pest-control devices: they target a specific audience. Our houses mostly hold humans and bugs like cockroaches, spiders, ants and such minimal population. In some more unlucky situations, we can also have rodents as roommates. These devices have been perfected so much with the years that can even target specific birds using the sounds of their predators; so the ones that are specific for mice are designed, tested and sold for them. They have a different kind of ultrasonic wave than those built for bugs and with the aforementioned restrictions in mind, they can solve that problem for you once and for all

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