DIY Termite Treatment | 9 Effective Methods Included

Robert James
Pest Control Technician

Before you make a strategy to finish off your enemy, it is important to know about them. There are two types of termites found on earth, subterranean termite and dry wood termites. Both of the kinds feed and live on wood, however, dry wood termites are basically found on home. Try the following homemade DIY termite treatment methods on how to get rid of drywood termites.


9 Effective DIY Termite Treatment Methods

1. Orange Oil:

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tall orange

Orange oil is very effective in order to destroy termite colonies. Extract oil from orange peel and mix the similar amount of water with it. Spray the solution over the terminate colony, and boom, watch them dying.

2. Foams and insecticides:



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Foams and insecticides are very common choice for getting rid of a termite colony. For the getting the best result sprays it twice a week, it will not only kill the termites but also prevent any further infestation.

3. Electrocution:


diy termite treatment using high voltage

If you want the fastest homemade remedy for getting rid of termites, then make high voltage pass through the termites’ affected area, and they will be dead at once. Before using this method take an appropriate measurement of electrodes, and do not forget to wear safety gloves while doing this method. It will protect you from electric shock and other accident.

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4. Extreme Hot and Cold Treatment:

extreme hot treatment to get rid of drywood termites

Termites cannot manage to survive in extreme hot or cold temperature. So place the termites affected wooden furniture under the sun or wash it with ice cold water, and they will die automatically.

5. Boric Acid:


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Boric acid can kill any kind of insect because it directly affects the nervous system. So spray boric acid on termite colonies for effective result.

6. Removing Dead leaves and Branches:

prevent termites by removing dead leaves from garden

Dead leaves and tree branches are the favorite places of termites for the living, feeding and reproducing. By removing these items from your garden you can prevent termites from trespassing at your home.

7. Aloe Vera Gel:

get rid of drywood termites using aloe vera gel

Aloe Vera is known for its plenty of medicinal qualities. Even it can protect your household from termite. Take a cup of water and add some crushed Aloe Vera into it, then apply the mixture on affected area and get rid of termite.

8. Clove Oil:


tall orange

Essential oil such as oil extracted from clove is a very effective homemade remedy for getting rid of termites. Take a cup of water and add clove oil. Spray the mixture over termite affected places for watching them dying. You can also use other organic oil instead of clove oil for the same result.

9. Destroy or Throw out your Wooden Mulch:

get rid of drywood termites by destroying wooden furniture

This is the most effective way to prevent the breeding of termite colony. If you suspect termites in your home, change or destroy all of your wooden furniture from your property. It might be cost high at once, but it will save you from any other big expenditure in future related to termite.


These are the best homemade, cost effective and DIY remedies for getting rid of Termites. Apply any of these methods in your house hold and have a great termite free life.


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