How to Make a Carpenter Bee Trap at Home

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Carpenter Bee Trap

Are you looking for a simple and less costly carpenter bee trap? Well you can simply make one at home. Although carpenter bees pollinate approximately 75 percent of the fruits, nuts, and vegetables according to USDA Forest Service and Pollinator Partnership Publication, they can be quite destructive thus leading to major structural damages.

Why You Should Trap Carpenter Bees

According to a report by world health organization, there were 54 deaths that resulted from bee stings in a census date conducted out of 281 million people in the United States during the year 2000.Because these tiny creatures can cause a lot of harm to not your health only but to your property as well, the following are some of the reason why Carpenter bees should be trapped whenever you notice their presence in your home or property.

damaged coused by carpenter bees

  • Damaging your property though digging holes in your wooden parts of your house
  • Making noises mostly when they live closer to your home
  • Causing stains
  • Stinging or biting

If you're a victim of carpenter bees invasion, you don't need to spend your money looking for very expensive techniques of getting rid of them. You can simply make one at home that will save not only your money but also stress and time of searching for the commercial traps.

The Best Way to Make a Basic Carpenter Bee Trap


Because carpenter bees do not only use the holes they dig and tunnels to lay eggs, they as well utilize the open holes in the wood as their initial points for their tunnels. This simplifies your process of making the trap through exploiting this idea.

First and foremost, use a drill to make a hole in a wooden box that you may hang close to the location where you have spotted the insects. Moreover, the holes must be drilled on all sides of the box, at an upward angle.

Secondly, at the base attach an empty plastic bottle. What will happen after that is, the bees will get inside the already existing drilled holes then they will see the light coming from the hole you made in the base of the wooden box. They will all float inside with the idea that it leads outside; fortunately, they will fall into the plastic bottle, hence trapped inside.

Other Carpenter Bee Traps

Best Bee Trap Carpenter Bee Trap

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That has been proven to be the best efficient trap which catches and kills carpenter bees completely.

  • It does not use harmful chemicals meaning its safest solution for families.
  • It's of high quality and above all, a design that lasts long
  • It doesn't require a lot of maintenance, actually very effective
  • It includes a plastic bottle which is replaceable with any standard, 160z, 120z or even 2-liter bottle.


Chrisman Mill Farms Wood Bee Went Carpenter Bee Trap

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  • It's manufactured by Chrisman Mills’s farms, and it's affordable
  • The only carpenter bee traps that carry their branded logo are the wood bee gone carpenter bee traps.
  • They are sold by Amazon
  • They are licenses under US pat.8, 375624
  • It comes with a hanging chain along with ball brand glass catch jar
  • Made in the United States of America


Carpenter bees are a broad group of bees which like residing in nests and tunnels in the wood that they dig by themselves. There are approximately 800 species of bees found in Canada. Diverse from other ordinary bee species, carpenter bees are unique. They like living alone not forming large colonies.

Due to their great habit of digging holes in any wooden part of your house; they do result in a lot of damages which can cause more harm if not dealt with in advance. You can use your made traps or apply other techniques as well as all the available traps as mentioned above.

However, the homemade traps are environment-friendly, and you use simple construction materials which are accessible and less costly. Before you call professionals to help you deal with carpenter bee problems first, try simple methods that are discussed above.

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