Bed Bug Treatment; How to Kill and Prevent from Returning

Robert James
Pest Control Technician

Bed bug infestation can be a very disturbing and frustrating situation. The thought of the blood sucking bed bugs crawling up your skin, can leave you traumatized. Most of the time people question themselves where the bugs came from. There are a variety of solutions you can look into so that you can control the spread of the bed bugs as well as completely get rid of them. There are natural ways to get rid of bed bugs, along with chemicals and over the counter products. However, most of the time the bed bugs have grown resistant to such products and are not as effective as they should be. In this article we will show you the proper way to get rid of bed bugs following the most efficient and effective bed bug treatment process.


The success of bed bug treatment is quite complex and is dependent on a protective process. Achieving utmost success in controlling their infestation can take a while and needs a lot of patience and determination to get rid of them. There are a variety of bed bug treatments you can implement so that you can completely get rid of this insects. In addition to this, you need to follow a certain procedure before implementing the treatments.

Identifying The Infested Areas: 

First of all you need to identify areas where the bed bugs hide i.e. in cracks and crevices as well as around the bed area on bed frames and the bedding's. This will be of good help when it comes to applying the treatment.

Infestation Severity: 

How severe is the infestation? Is it too much or is it just mild. As a way of identifying the spread of the bed bugs, you should study the life cycle of bedbugs so you could know the stage in which they are currently in. You can then proceed in choosing the right treatment method to apply in controlling the spread.

Preparing a Strategy: 

This involves planning how you can control the spread and recording the progress as you decide on which treatment method to use. You could create a time table where you can record the place where the bedbugs are as well as the dates when you spot them. Finally, ensure that you monitor around the house for a period of time so as to completely ensure that they’re completely gone.

Executing the Strategy: 

When implementing, make sure you select the safest, legal and most effective method so that you won’t keep worrying about re-infestation. For example, if it’s applying heat treatment, ensure that you use the correct amount of heat so that they will completely be dead. In case of cold treatment, ensure that the freezing degree is at zero for utmost bed bugs killing. If you use pesticides, ensure that you carefully read the provided directions and follow them step by step as you implement them. In case one method fails, implement another and monitor the progress.

Things to Do Before Applying The Bed Bug Treatment

Cover up your Clothes and Bedding:

You should store your clean clothes and bedding in airtight plastic bins or bags and put them in areas which are not infested with the bedbugs or have already cleaned. This helps in preventing the re-infestation from the bed bugs on the clothes and bedding. As for your mattresses and pillows, use impermeable encases to cover them up hence preventing the bed bugs from getting out and attacking you.

Alerting The Neighbors:

If your'e living in a rental house, apartment or condo, you should ensure you notify the landlord so that he can check around in neighboring residents whether they’re infested as well. If they are also infested, everyone should apply the treatment together and if they are not infested with bed bugs. They should be careful and stay alert to prevent any bedbugs from entering their home.

Bed Bug Treatment Method

Treatment methods are meant to completely kill off the bedbugs while the control methods only solve half the solution. It is therefore important before applying the various treatment methods on the bed bugs, you prepare beforehand. Since some of the treatments involve hiring a professional, you should inform them earlier so that they can also prepare the treatment. Treatment methods involve;

Heat treatment: 

This is the widely used bed bug killing solution for its effectiveness. Uses heat sources either electric or propane fired to heat up rooms to 120 degrees Fahrenheit and leave to work for hours depending with the nature of the infestation.

Freeze Treatment:

This treatment involves use of cold treatment towards the insects. You could use your freezer to freeze items around the house. However, it is not effective to egg stages of bed bugs and needs to be exposed for a longer time to work efficiently.

Steam Treatment:

Similar to the use of heat treatment, only that it uses hot steam. High temperatures are lethal to the bedbugs and they find it difficult to migrate to cooler areas due to the heat effect. Is convenient in killing both bed bugs as well as their eggs and for use around mattresses, box spring and undisturbed furniture.

Conventional Treatment:

This is the use of pesticides to control the infestation spread. There are a variety of available over the counter aerosol sprays and dust powders which can be used to kill the bed bugs.


It is the use of fumes or rather material in gaseous state to kill the bed bugs. Often implemented by the professionals, it involves using the gaseous materials in an enclosed area which penetrates through all items surrounding the place. This method is often a last option but it is very effective and kills all stages of bed bugs.


Most insects detest the smell of herbs and you could use this against the bedbugs to get rid of them. You could use them whether dried or fresh and they will do wonders. You could use eucalyptus, rosemary, mint and lavender. Tie up the herbs and you could hang them up where the bedbugs have infested. This could be underneath your bed or in your wardrobe. You could also place them around closet where you keep your clothes.

Essential Oils:

Just as the bedbugs detest herbs, they also dislike the essential oils from the herbs as well as tea tree oil. The oils work by applying around your bed frame or by adding a few drops on water which you are using to do your laundry as well as making sprays which you could apply on you bedding's, clothes and floors. To make the spray, add a few drops of the essential oil in water and mix thoroughly, then using a spray can, apply on the designated areas.

Things To Do After Applying Bed Bug Treatment

There are some things you must do after applying Bed Bug Treatment. Because these little menaces can hide anywhere and re-infest your home if you don't complete these steps. These steps are:

Washing Your Clothes

bed bug treatment cloth washing

This include bedding's and any other clothes which come into contact with the infested area. When washing the clothes, ensure that you clean them thoroughly and use hot water. It is known that bed bugs cannot bear hot water scarring their tiny bodies and due to this fact, it is only wise to use extremely hot water to ensure you get rid of them completely. In case of clothes which cannot be washed, consider taking them to the dry cleaner or sanitize them in a dryer for approximately 15 minutes on high temperatures.

Vacuum Cleaning The Entire House

Once you’ve washed the clothes, you should use vacuum cleaners on the infested areas such as your bed area, wardrobes as well as the mattress. Bed bugs use cracks alongside corners which are not easy to access as their hideout are. Therefore, when you vacuum clean, you will have access to this areas and thus suck this little creatures off their hiding areas. To prevent the vacuumed bed bugs from re-infesting your place, properly dispose the waste in a plastic bag and throw it out of your house.

Cleaning Using Disinfectants

As much as vacuum cleaning helps in removing bed bugs from cracks and corners where they hideout, it is necessary to clean up all around the house using disinfectants. Cleaning is key to completely getting rid of the bed bugs and ensuring that your house is bed bug free as you remove any left bits of their selves including eggs they might have laid.

Using Hot Steam

Cleaning doesn’t necessarily get rid of all bed bug remains especially on the inside parts of the mattresses. To ensure you reach to the depth of their existence, use hot steam to get rid of eggs which could sprout out to new life. Just like the grown bedbugs, their eggs as well cannot withstand high temperatures. This will lead to complete riddance of their existence on your sleeping area and you can enjoy some peace as you sleep. Effects of high temperatures on bed bugs.

Chemical Products

There are a variety of home and natural remedies you could implement to get rid of bedbugs that work. Named above are just a few of them. Once you have executed the treatment methods, it is advisable to continue inspecting the house in case some bed bug remains were left behind that could lead to re-infestation. For continued preventive measures, place bed bug receptors beneath the bed’s legs and other furniture or use commercial and DIY bed bug preventive methods to monitor the success of the treatment methods. Similarly, there are available Bed Bug control products which you can purchase from amazon online shopping site. For example;

Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer


Made from a blend of all natural organic ingredients, it is an effective bed bug killer spray which works on contact. Kills all bed bug stages from eggs to the adults (life cycle of bed bugs) and no need to hire exterminators who use harmful chemicals to get rid of the bed bugs. It is also friendly to pets and children and you can be rest assured it won’t affect them as well as the whole family. With Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer you’re assured of effective riddance of this annoying blood sucking creatures

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Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade


This is a powdered substance which works perfectly in killing the bedbugs and is safe around kids and pests. The dust powder is made from soil which contains algae fossils. It has proved to be the most effective method since once the bed bugs have come into contact with it, they don’t survive. It works by dehydrating the bed bugs and suppresses them to excessive bleeding leading to their death. Apply by sprinkling some of these powders around the bed area and wait for results.

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Bed Bug Treatment Kits are also available at amazon. For example;

Bed Bug Treatment Kit


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This scientifically advanced ultimate bed bug killer kit will eradicate bed bug infestation effectively and fast. This kit contains a Bed Bug Spray, Bed Bug Powder and Bed Bug Killer. This is a new product in amazon. But It is definitely the package to save your household.

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