Baits & Traps

DIY And Commercial Rat Traps

Most rats like living together especially near homes where there is food and security. They can create a lot of damage. That is why you need to tame them. Have you ever thought of the best way to manage rats in your home? ‘Do it yourself’ rattraps could work well […]

8 Best Baits for Rat Trap

Are they rats in your house? Are they becoming a bother? Do not worry anymore. One way of solving the nuisance of rats in your home is to have baits for rattraps. Otherwise, your work would be in vain. A realization about good baits comes when the rats destroy something […]

How to Make a Rat Cage

Rodent infestation in the house is the most undesirable thing. Unless you own a cat who would chase down the rat, you are likely to consider various ways through which you can keep these rats out of your house. A rat cage is a most humane and commonly used method […]

Rat Poison- Both Commercial And DIY Methods

Is there infestation of rats going to the extreme level? And you want to get rid of this problem by using rat poison? Then yes you have come to right place , let`s see .. Rat poison 101 How Does it Work : Rats are known to be prime suspects […]