Facts To Know

Where Do Squirrels Live?

Squirrels are small furry gray bushy-tailed frisky creatures. They’re members of the Sciuridae family and there are a variety of species, which is a determinant of where they live as well as the region. Species of squirrels and their habitation. Squirrels tend to choose areas which best suits their behavior […]

How Long Does A Fly Live

Flies exist in several species in all parts of the universe including North America, and their life cycle can range from days to years depending on the conditions and several species. Though, one thing they share in common is that they all undergo the four stages during transformation. Life Cycle […]

Difference between Rat and Mouse

Basically there are no difference between a Rat and a Mouse in view of scientific classifications. These are two commonly used names to relate similar looking rodents. Difference between Rat and Mouse: Size And Kinds: Rats are the medium –sized rodents that have thin long tails. Most of the rodent […]

Flea Bites Vs Bedbug Bites: The Difference

Fleas and Bedbugs are household pests that some people sometimes mistake their bites one for the other. But in reality, there are differences in the presenting symptoms of flea bites and bedbug bites. Once you are familiar with the differences, it would be easier to tell which of the pests […]

How Long Do Flea Bites Last?

Flea bites can be nasty sometimes. The effects of their bites last differently from one person to another. The bites also last differently on humans and animals. Before we go ahead to decide how long flea bites last, we must first be aware that various factors determine the outcome of […]

Asian Lady Beetle vs Ladybugs – Explained

Asian beetles and Ladybugs are familiar insects in several parts of the U.S. In large parts, Asian lady beetles are beneficial predators that feed on scale, aphids, insects as well as other pests that are known to damage landscapes, plants in the garden and agricultural settings. Although, in several places […]